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39 Challenge - CAS(E) This Sketch #264

"Basket of Kittens"
for CAS(E) This Sketch #264

But really, when a cat is in a basket, you see nothing but the ears.

38 Challenge - CAS(E) this Sketch #263

"Green Monkey Vines"
for CAS(E) this Sketch #263

37 Challenge - Sketch Saturday #505

"Orange Hippo"
for Sketch Saturday #505

A silver hippo with copper birds.

36 Challenge - {PIN}spirational Challenge #211

"Baby Monkey"
for {PIN}spirational Challenge #211

Yes, it was supposed to be an ape.
But apes are rather intimidating, and so
in my efforts to make it more cute,
it became more monkey-like in appearance. C'est la vie.

35 Challenge - MOO Mania "Colour Effect"

"Faded Blossom"
for MOO Mania "Colour Effect"

A simple notecard featuring a hand-carved stamp.

34 Challenge - Just Add Ink #400 "Inspiration"

for Just Add Ink #400 "Inspiration"

It's soothing to make a weathered background.
And bunnies are suitable for all occasions, because
1) ears, and 2) tails. And if that's not enough, 3) nose.

33 Challenge - Always Fun Challenges #49 "Shades of Green"

"Smile Dog"
for Always Fun Challenges #49 "Shades of Green"

A smile dog, as featured on Hapi Snacks.
Please, have a delicious, chewy rice treat.
What, it's actually a smile cat?
Who knows, my friends?

32 Challenge - CAS(E) This Sketch #262

"Balloon Bunny"
for CAS(E) This Sketch #262

A cool blue bunny in the summer sun ~
isn't that every girl's dream?

31 Challenge - Sketch Saturday #504

"Apple Tea"
for Sketch Saturday #504

The red-and-blue apples are hard for me to match,
but too cute not to use ~
The local tea shop recently had a seasonal tea featuring apples,
so of course, the little tea pot struck me as perfect for this apple print.

30 Challenge - {PIN}spirational Challenge #210

"Watercolor Bunny and Chicks"
for {PIN}spirational Challenge #210

Watercolor with glitter effect -
I wanted to add some shine, but I don't have shimmer spray,
So I used glitter and a bit of fluff.
The rabbit is colored with markers . . .
It's a bit of everything, really.

[ I wasn't pleased with the coloring, so I made a stamp. . . This way, I can try again later . . . ]

29 Challenge - Always Fun Challenges #48 "Inspired by a Movie"

"Always with You"
for Always Fun Challenges #48 "Inspired by a Movie"

Monochrome blue with a sprinkle of rhinestones for rain.

28 Challenge - Sketch Saturday #503

"Green Birdy with Ribbons"
for Sketch Saturday #503

27 Challenge - CAS(E) This Sketch #261

"Birthday Ice Cream"
for CAS(E) This Sketch #261

 A sweet bear with ice cream. I love this brick print paper ~

26 Challenge - Just Add Ink #398 "Colour"

"Pinky Mousie"
for Just Add Ink #398 "Colour"

Colour challenge - a cool, refreshing palette, perfect for spring!